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Eye Tracking

Affordable & Accessible

Affordable & Accessible

Eye-Tracking for All


Discover the power of eye-tracking with SeeSo Labs, a groundbreaking service that allows you to analyze images of your choice without the need for specialized equipment. All you need is your tablet or smartphone to unlock the full potential of eye-tracking technology.


Unlock the Power of Your Device


Leveraging your device's front-facing RGB camera, SeeSo Labs accurately calculates eye movements, making it perfect for large-scale data collection and offering an economical solution for all your eye-tracking needs. Our easy data collection process and cost-effective approach provide exceptional value, making eye-tracking accessible to everyone.


Create & Manage Projects Online


With our user-friendly web platform, you can create your own eye-tracking projects and edit them with ease. Monitor your project's progress and view results directly from the website, streamlining your research and analysis process.


Collect Eye Movement Data on the Go


Utilize your tablet or smartphone to gather eye movement data anytime, anywhere. SeeSo Labs empowers you to stay mobile and flexible, ensuring you can collect valuable insights without being tied down to traditional eye-tracking equipment.


Experience the future

of eye-tracking with SeeSo Labs

affordable, accessible, and effortlessly powerful.


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